The Problem: Millions of golfers (including approximately half of all golfers over the age of 50) suffer from some form of lower back, hip or knee problem. These conditions are aggravated by the constant bending over involved in playing golf. The Solution:
KOOL TEE - an innovative new product that enables a golfer to perform all the activities associated with playing golf without bending over. With KOOL TEE you can:

"I have seen several types of self-tee models but Kool-Tee is by far the best on the market. It is extremely sturdy, very easy to use and takes care of every bending task. I highly recommend Kool-Tee for anyone with back or leg problems and especially disabled people. It's great."

Peter Longo - PGA Life Member, 
Trick Shot Artist and author of the "Challenge Golf" video and CD for disabled golfers.

"This innovation may be the best thing I have seen for the golfer with back, hip or knee pain/pathology. It does exactly what it says it will do, is lightweight, and is easy to use. It may be the thing that keeps patients golfing in the presence of knee, hip or back pain because it prevents them from having to bend, stoop, or squat." 

Barb Hoogenboom MHS, PT, SCS, ATC
Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy
Grand Valley State University


I recently ordered and received a Kool Tee for my father. It is a success. He was unable to tee up his ball until he got this product. It is wonderful. 

Frank P., 
Lexington, KY


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